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Think Thrash is Dead? WRONG - 95%

DoctorPsycho, November 5th, 2005

Lets face it, Annihilator hasn't really done much of anything much worth of mention sense Never, Neverland. Sure, King of the Kill and Carnival Diablos had a few cool tracks here and there, and I didn't think All For You was a complete failure (though many others did). Still, when Jeff Waters announced that he was "returning to his thrash metal roots," no one could really take him seriously. Boy were we wrong.

Schizo Deluxe sounds like what would happen if you took a blender and threw in "Alice in Hell," "Never, Neverland," and "All For You." It retains the modern feel that the more thrashy songs off their previous effort had ("Rage Absolute," "Demon Dance") and combines it with their classic sound for something truly amazing.

Schizo Deluxe starts out with "Maximum Satan," a midpased song with a rather nice chorus. I'm afraid many will download this track from their website and be scared away from this album as it's not a very good song compared to the rest. Right after this, we blast off with "Drive," a great song that reminds me of "King of the Kill."

After this we have "Warbird," which sounds a lot like "Maximum Satan." Once your done with this, rest easy, the worst is over. The rest is pure ass kicking.

Tracks four and five are "Plasma Zombies" and "Invite It" respectively. Both are no holding back thrash metal masterpieces. "Plasma Zombies" is an ingenious song written about children being exposed to violence in video games (I'm serious). "Invite It" is very likely the best on the album. It is impossible to listen to this one with nearly ripping your head off headbanging.

After this we have "Like Father, Like Gun," another slow song. This one is pretty good with some catchy lyrics (HATE hate INTIMIDATE). It's followed up by "Pride," which is comparable to "Invite It" in speed and incredibleness, also featuring one of the most classic moments of any Annihilator at about 0:30.

The last three tracks ("Too Far Gone," "Clare," and "Something Witchy) all continue the greatness and leave you with the undeniable knowledge that Annihilator is back and they aren't compromising anything to kick your ass. This my very well be one of the best albums of the year. Any thrash fan owes it to themselves to check out Annihilator's new release.

Schizo's are never alone.