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Phantasmagoria of Waters - 70%

Unsleeper, August 8th, 2004

Well, that time Jeff Waters fired all the members, who recorded the first bands' demo "Welcome to your death" and Annihilator was only "two-member machine": Paul Malek played drums and Jeff Waters played all the other instruments and even was a singer - so his debut as a singer was in 1986 :) If you like terrible growling - this demo is for you. Jeff growls like a future death metal star. All 4 songs on this demo are very heavy and mostly very fast. Raw versions of "Alison hell", "Phantasmagoria", and "Ligeia" sounds more dark and thrashy than ever after. "Gallery" is a song never been released on any studio album, and it has some riffs from later "Alice in hell" and "Never, Neverland" albums, just listen to it. This demo was recorded on 4-tracks and its quality, of course, isn't nice.
Anyway, it is a great piece of Annihilator history.