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An average single with little bang for your buck. - 50%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, July 12th, 2004

The first single off an "Annihilator" album is here, and it isn't anything special. For a collector, it is something of historical value. For a metal fan who isn't die hard, it is just something unimportant.

Of course, the single itself includes the song 'Never, Neverland' (off the same titled album). However, the CD also includes two never-before released live tracks recorded while "Annihilator" was on the road to promote Never, Neverland, and for it being in the early nineties, the recording value on the live tracks are actually really good.

Packaged in a slim line case that fits snuggly into your metal collection, the CD itself is nothing special unless you are after every one of their CDs, or look for rare material. Otherwise, this is just another CD single with little bang for your buck.