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Time in my collection: 1 month - 25%

natrix, March 18th, 2007

This album has the absolute lowest survival time of any CD in my collection. I still have the Shaq Diesel album my friends made me buy on a dare, and I still have Kratornas' Battledemons to torture people. But this album was so mediocre, so bad, and so needless, that I gave it away to a random chick after listening to it probably half a dozen times. And that was the first two days I had it...then it sat in my bedroom, before I brought it to a bar and gave it to that chick.

So what's bad? Basically everything.

"Bloodbath" starts the thing off really well, blowing Annihilator's entire load as well as their whole arsenel of real thrash riffs before the damn thing is becalmed. Even the terrible vocals (kind of a whispered grunt) work on here, and my expectations are kind of high. All the elements combine to make an actual ripper of a thrash song, but then BAM! It's over. And in my opinion, this album is over.

"Punctured" is basically a Silverchair song played by Korn. Simplistic clean riffs, with a mallcore riff puncturing it. The vocals on here are the absolute worst, sounding like a mentally challenged kid. It makes me want to fucking spew. And that's not even as bad as the title track, which is trite, halfthrash with lyrics that read like a chat conversation featured on Dateline's "To Catch a Predator." Anyone who spells "you" as "u" should be kicked in the fucking head.

"Back to the Palace" is "The Fun Palace" with the riffs played a little differently, but nothing meriting a listen. Megadeth did this with "Hanger 18," and the subsequent "Return to Hanger" was total shit, played by a band that could no long achieve the speeds necessary for take off. Here, Annihilator still has the muscle to pull it off, but can't figure out why they fuck they're doing it. Why, really? That's what I want to know. Is it because your old vocalist is on here again, despite the fact that he is fucking terrible?

The rest of the tracks on here have some great solos, but are filled with rotten vocals and weak riffs that go right out the window. It's really disappointing, especially when you realize how good of a guitarist Jeff Waters really is, that the songs are so poorly written.

A friend of mine made a comparison to Boston with Annihilator. Despite styles being different I'd say it's spot on. You get some great ideas with one guitarist running everything and somehow everything loses its balls. There is a lot of potential, but it's sadly inexplicably ruined.

On the instrumental side, "Schizos are Never Alone 3" is not overly bad, and it does contain some decent riffs, but it doesn't make any sense. It's like Jeff took all his scrap book riffs and threw them in one song. "Mending" is a nice little outro, and thankfully announces that this album is over.