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A dark, insane trip into the mind of a tragic man. - 90%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, July 12th, 2004

Life has become harder and harder to live. The grim visage of life has even peared it's wretched self in the music we have all come to know and love. A prime example would be this latest release from "Annihilator".

Just by looking at the titles of Criteria For A Black Widow alone, you can tell that this albm is definately one of the darkest, most intense thrash albums ever recorded by "Annihilator". With such tracks as 'Bloodbath' and 'Sonic Homicide', anger and betrayal seem to be the biggest things on the album. And the music definately holds that same element.

Right from the start you are jolted into a world of pain, hatred and misery with intensely dark and extreme guitar riffs and drums, as well as lyrics. And the fact that all but one member of the original line-up has returned can assure you an amazing album, and that simple promise holds up with amazing music and vocal work.

Also notable about the release is that it is the most explicit "Annihilator" album ever as well, especially with the title track 'Criteria For A Black Widow', which is pretty much about sex, but in rather a very vulgar way.

But don't let that stop you from picking the album up for a listen. While most of their material is usually anger driven or very down to earth, the album is seriously dark and insane, and from start to finish you'll be wishing you left the lights on as you journey through a world of torment, only to end with a relaxing instrumental that indicates exactly what is done when all your anger is unleashed, 'Mending'.

The album is a trip deep inside of the world and mind of Jeff Waters, and all the torment that he had suffered over the years. Many of the lyrics in the album are very relatable to every day situations, which also can make the album an excellent anger management source. So if you have yet to check this one out, don't pass it by because of the grim visage that it holds. It is an excellent audio attack that no one should pass up for any reason.