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Something new and not bad - 95%

purerockfury, November 14th, 2007

Animosity, while maybe not be a part of the poineering movement, still remains a tech-death band, but continues to challenge to sound when most of their contemporaries are content with junt, junt and more junt.

Never have these guys stuck to one sound. If 'Empires' was the bands transition from their hardcore roots, then 'Animals' is the bands new embrace of a more death metal oriented sound pretty much saying good bye to what we used to know them as.

While still very technical, the rhythms are not as jagged as 'Empires'. 'Aminals' comes close to a Cryptopsy style death metal; technical as fuck, yet not masturbatority. The band can still write a song that sounds good and not for the sole intent of showing off their chops.
They continue to keep their sound fresh without surrendering to their old tendencies. I cannot say that I am a fan of the genre but Animosity keeps me anticipating their next step, something most bands of their style cannot do.