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Almost Orgasmic - 95%

m0rBid_Psych0sis, March 30th, 2008

Now, I'm not a big fan of the metalcore/deathcore scene by any means at all, but this band truely stands out from the rest. Animosity's barbaric yet technical brand of deathcore is like an assault of killer riff after killer riff that will leave you begging for more. You can actually hear the death metal influence and it's not completely reliant on breakdowns and annoying stereotypical metalcore eerie sounding chords.

The song structure here is just plain fucking great. Animosity keeps you on you toes with their arsenal of riffage, always keeping everything sounding fresh. Also they do some the fastest tremolo picking I've ever heard. The drums here are also quite impressive not completely reliant on blastbeasts, and really mixing it up. The only thing that I would complain about is that the bass isn't really very audible; I would like to here more of it in the future. Now the vocals, they are fucking amazing, this guy can go from a mid-ranged growl to a low guttering growl to a hardcore type yell, so quickly you would think there is four or five vocalist. Whatever he's doing it always complements the music and vise versa. These guys are true musicians; executing complex time signature changes and ridiculously technical riffs flawlessly. Never being repetitive, and also some of the most entertaining lyrics I've ever read, especially in "Bombs Over Rome".

The album at first might sound chaotic and unstructured, but after a second listen I found that it was the other way around: structured chaos. From the opening unison growls of "Terrorstorm" to the seemingly pointless four-second burst of energy "Evangelicult" and finally the shredding solo section of "A Passionate Journey". Overall I found this album to be very enjoyable, not quite orgasmic, but the point just before the climax. I recommend this album to anyone looking for a breathe of fresh air in an over-rated ocean of mallcore shit that threatens to drown us all, and I’m looking forward to another great release by Animosity (without the blue balls).