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Wow! How Cool Is This? - 90%

corviderrant, April 25th, 2004

Holy moly! I've had an idea for some time to do something like this--and here's this band that's been doing it already for quite a few years and albums! It was inevitable that a band from Japan would come up playing metal versions of theme songs from classic and obscure (at least in America) anime shows, and since the Japanese have a monopoly on incredibly catchy opening credit themes, well, this album is just too cool!

Some of my favorite themes are on here: "Getta Robo" (AKA "Starvengers" for us American Force Five fans--was that program ever shown in Canada for you guys?), "Danguard Ace", "Gaiking", "UFO Robot Grendizer" (da BOMB, this show was for me!), and a host of more unknown series like "Tekkaman", "Casshan", "Great Mazinger", "Mazinger Z", "Raideen", and "Combattler V".

Every song is just too damn cool for words, with their incredible musicianship (the bass player and guitarist rip like hell!) and spirited, energetic arrangements leading the way, and lots of guitar harmonies playing the more important parts--what's there not to like musically? The production is good, but the bass could be a touch louder and the drum sound could be better for my taste, with slightly louder kick drums--then again, I'm probably so accustomed to triggered kick drums by now, this may be why I think that!

The only other drawback is, well, the lyrics are all in Japanese, and that is not the best language to be singing rock n' roll in. Eizo Sakamoto certainly gets into it with his raspy screaming, but he gets a little carried away at times, and this unfortunately deletes points. But other than that, hey, this is most definitely worth seeking out/downloading if you are a metalhead who loves and remembers the old school anime shows like I do. A niche market, to be sure, but it's out there, and I really like this a lot anyway.