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Randy Returns with the best WASP album since...84? - 85%

malibuman, July 18th, 2006

If you’re a fan of old WASP then I recommend that you go out and get this CD. It really is that simple, because Animal sound like WASP did about 84-85, albeit with a little bit of a modern tinge and a dab of Lynch Mob-esque groove. Key to this is the vocals of Rich Lewis, a man who sounds uncannily like Blackie Lawless. I guess they chose him with one ear on the live show - after all, I bet they play a few WASP songs and they just wouldn’t sound right with a different kind of singer.

It’s not an album that particularly merit’s a song by song dissection, but I can tell you that overall the material is pretty strong and more to the point ‘enjoyable’, which is something that is missing from most modern Metal (at least in my opinion). Randy Piper acquits himself admirably (despite all that was said about him back in the day) with some great solos and the rest of the band do enough to escape any kind of major criticism.

If anything, my one criticism would be that I feel the occasional modernist bleeps are a touch unnecessary and sound a little out of place - but then for my money it would sound better if it really was 1984! Who needs all this parping nonsense, just gimme guitars, bass and drums. Why does modern metal have to be saddled with so much crap.

Overall then, this album is like a breath of fresh air in the modern age, I mean when was the last time you heard a proper METAL album, with big choruses and that good old METAL feeling? Yes, for all those of you in your 30’s I would strongly recommend this as it manages to walk the fine line between melodic and anthemic Heavy Metal and the utter crap of most Melodic Hard Rock bands these days.

Seriously, I doubt you’ll be disappointed - I know I had reservations but I’m really quite impressed.