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Free fix of Gothic Death - 85%

ruigeroeland, December 3rd, 2007

In a way, Anima is the continuation of Gothic Metal band A Dark Performance, in which all of the members used to play. Although the Gothic Metal background of the band members still leaves it’s mark on Anima’s music, Anima certainly has a heavier edge, because they injected a dose of Death Metal in their compositions.

The music is melodic, but mostly guitar driven, although there is a significant role for the keyboard in some of the songs. It seems all music is played by just one person, which is quite the accomplishment, because the guitar, bass, drums and keyboard are all played flawlessly. Who needs a whole band anyway?

The vocal duties are shared by clear female vocals and the male vocalist (switching from clear singing to Death growls). Both vocalists have a great voice and a near perfect English pronunciation. The lyrics are both in English and Spanish, with English being the most prominent.

The production is okay, although it seems slightly muffled in some of the songs. All instruments and vocals are clearly audible though.

Recommended for people looking for Gothic Metal with a bite. The album is available for free download on the bands blog, so give it a try!