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Real Howl Of Nature - 100%

Killer_Clown, November 26th, 2011

To my mind this CD is great depressive black metal release (maybe the greatest, I can say). I've listened to many DBM groups, 'cause I really enjoy this style, its depressive (funeral and even suicidal in some moments) mood, shrieking mad vocals, special atmospheric sound. So, DBM is very divergent style of extreme music. It can sound like Judas Iscariot or Nachtmystium, Nortt or Armagedda, Shining or Mutilation.

But style that is played by Anhedonia was new and original for me. I was excited, maybe even amazed, when I listened to "Der Schrei Der Natur". The whole album keeps you in suspense. So, not only Anhedonian style is different - the musical landscape changes from song to song. There are interesting "Intro" and "Outro" with choral superposed singing, protracted, but not boring "Lingering I" and "Höstkänslor", melancholic, sometimes aggressive and malicious "Dies Irae" and "Nattvardsgästerna". And "Omnes Una Manet Nox" is the best song from this inimitable, brilliant depressive album.

Here, I want to describe the Hörgr's style of playing music. Of course, drums on "Der Schrei Der Natur" are splendid.There is a right combination of blast beats and usual apathetic slow drums. But the best thing about this album is incredible use of double plates in songs. Magnificent, superb playing!!! Guitars are also unusual and not bad at all. They are calm, quiet, clear, and with excellent atmospheric sounding. What is concerning vocals. They are not common BM vocals. Usually DBM groups use ordinary screaming or inhale, but Hörgr sings with some kind of cloak, caw vocals. So, that's brilliant.

What can I say about lyrical themes? They are partially based on Satanism (not on Anti-Christianity!, there's a big difference between Satanism and Anti-Christianity), and, of course, on depression and misanthropy, because Anhedonia is DBM. Lyrical themes are the first and only usual thing in Anhedonia.

In the long run, I could call "Der Schrei Der Natur" masterpiece. That means I'm impatiently waiting for the next full-length from Anhedonia.