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A masterpiece. - 95%

Aldgisl_, February 28th, 2009

Where do I start with this release. I've seen this album and Anhedonia in general described as "depressive" black metal, and whilst I do understand why, I'm more inclined to refer to Anhedonia as black metal with touches from just about every subgenre of black metal in existence. This album ranges in a multitude of ways, from the vocals that shift between Silencer like wails and typical black metal screeches, the drums which switch between Burzum-esque minimalism to the upper extremes of double kicks.

The album booklet comes with no lyrics contained, and 99% of the time, all of the vocals are indecipherable; leaving the listener to interpret the vocals as simply a musical creation/addition to the music. This coupled with the production of the songs, creates quite a mysterious atmosphere and whilst openly making clear the feelings expressed, still leaves room for personal interpretation of the music and vocals/lyrics.

The only reason this album doesn't receieve 100% from me is because the production seems to change slightly between songs, and whilst I don't usually care for production - this is a black metal album afterall - the feeling and power of the songs is slightly diminished with constant changes between songs. I can't name specific stand out tracks for they are all special in their own way, and all have subtle hints of genius to them, but the last few minutes of Omnes Una Manet Nox (6:50 and onwards) and the last few minutes of Höstkänslor are worth noting.