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Great images with great sound! High technology! - 100%

Bruno, June 6th, 2004

In order to celebrate all the sucess of the new line-up, the tour and everything, the band decided to release its first dvd called 'Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo'. This concert was the biggest one of the tour and was all recorded in audio and video. First was released a double live cd with the same name and some months later this dvd was lauched. Everything is perfect. The images are great with high quality, many cameras to capture each movement from the musicians and public, great sound, etc. High technology indeed! Great lights on stage, fireworks... So this is a good material for the fans!

First, let's talk about the concert. It begins just like on the Rebirth album. 'In Excelsis' prepares the fans as an intro and then 'Nova Era' exploded! This is one of the favourite songs of the fans! Fast, melodic, heavy with a great refrain! You see tons of fireworks and Edu shows since the beginning he was the perfect choice! Great voice and performance. He interacts with the public all the time and is very charismatic!
Then my favourite song: "Acid Rain'! All the band kicks ass on this song and Edu rules on it! After that Edu talks with the public in Portuguese, of course, and says how happy the band was to play in São Paulo in the first show after the release of the album with the new line-up.
Then the first song from the old line-up. When 'Angels Cry' starts the audience goes wild! It was the test for the new members to show their qualities! And they haven't let us down! Aquiles destroyed the drums while Edu sings in a perfect way making nobody miss Andre Matos, the ex-singer.
Then we have one more song of the new album: 'Heroes of Sand' which is a powerful semi-ballad. Edu sings in a very emotional way and the song is full of felling!
Then they play one more song from old times 'Metal Icarus'! Once again the new guys showed they are way better than the old line-up! In the middle of the song Edu shows us that game, dividing the audience in 'left' and 'right' to see which one screams louder and so on... It's very cool.
Now we come back to the new album with 'Millennium Sun'. The beginning of the song is quite emotional with Edu singing followed by the piano, played by a guy who was hired to follow the band on tour. The thing that impressed me the most was that the song was played live in a faster way than the original one. Maybe I'm wrong, but was just my impression.
Then we have a very famous song of the band! The great ballad 'Make Believe'. About this one everybody was worried about how Edu's performance would be. But he has overcome and with some differences, especially in the very end of the song, he shows us all his vocal range and qualities.
After that we have a drums solo where Aquiles proves to be the best metal drummer from Brazil and one of the best in the world! What Aquiles shows is just unbelievable and it's scaring too! What the...!
After the solo we have one of the nicest songs of the new album. 'Unholy Wars' has everything: it's fast, heavy, melodic, has a bass solo, fast guitars solos, a great performance by Edu, some Brazilian influences and so on... It's a long song but was very well accepted by the public.
After that they played the main song of the last album, 'Rebirth'. They even recorded a video clip of the song to promote the album and so on... Everybody knows it. It's a powerful and special one!
Now they come back in time once again and play 'Time' from the debut album. Once again everybody was worried about Edu's performance and again he didn't let us down. He reaches all the high notes and proves he can kick some asses too...
Now a fast song! 'Running Alone' from the last album! It's a nice song, full of variaties, a piano solo, a great performance of the band. What else...?
Then the concert stops, lights turned off and we have two old famous songs. After the intro 'Crossing' we have 'Nothing to Say' from Holy Land! In my opinion it's the song that fits the most Edu's voice. All the band rules on this song too! I got happy to know they overcame all the problems and came back even better and stronger!
Then, after the intro 'Unfinished Allegro' we have the most famous Angra song by far: 'Carry On'. Here especially Edu had to show his qualities because nobody would forgive him if he messed up the song! And he did a great job!
Now an interesting thing happens. The guitarrist Kiko Loureiro and the young new bassist Felipe Andreoli make a duet. Kiko plays solos and Felipe plays the same thing in the bass! The speed Felipe reaches with his fingers and jaw-dropping! I was like: 'Holy shit...". It's breath-taking!
Then they both start playing a quite well known song: 'The Number of the Beast' of Iron Maiden! I don't need to day that the public went crazy!
And then the concert finishes with tons of fireworks and with everybody happy... hehehe.

Well, it was the concert. Now let's focus on the extras.
During the World Cup, Angra was contacted by a famous Brazilain TV company to re-record a famous song composed to the Brazilian soccer team. They would follow the same melody and lyrics but add the heavy metal touch to it. After that they would record a video clip of the song to be broadcasted by this TV company during the soccer games. And then we have it! A very nice video clip of Angra playing this song full of metal energy! They put heavy guitars, double-bass drums and a kicking ass performance by Edu, singing the lyrics in Portuguese! The new version got pretty nice and so they put the video as one of the extras of the dvd. It was cool to listen to this song I was used to listen to in TV in a metal version! uhaha
The second extra is one of them playing the song 'Hunters and Prey' in Japan during the Oriental tour.
We also have they playing 'Nova Era' in a festival in Spain and half of 'Acid Rain' in their concert in Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.
Moreover they have done a song only with Brazilian percussions, with no guitars, bass and vocals especially to the tour. Only drums and the percussions with Brazilian rythms. They played it live in Japan and we also have a video of it in one of the concerts. After that we have the images of the Brazilian, European and Oriental tour, they in studio, pictures, etc..