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Good... - 83%

arkbath, April 17th, 2005

After the successful return of Angra performing a complete different line up in Rebirth, they decided to release a live album. Maybe this is the prefect chance to compare what the new members do in the shoes of the old ones. On the vocals, Matos will not be missed anymore, and on bass Andreoli is giving his touch to the old songs. The drums are OK, sincerely they doesn’t have anything different comparing with the drums from other bands. And well, the guitars… one of the best performances in power metal history.

Musically, it’s OK. Each one of the members is doing their part in the new and the old songs, but one low point is the sound of the live performance. In my opinion, it has a lot of echo and at times the voice sounds farther, even a guitar sounds clearer and louder than the other, I know that this must be that way on the solos, but on the other parts I would like to hear what both guitarists are playing. And that’s all the “bad side” from this album. The songs performed are the best of their career, but it would be excellent if there were included more songs from the Fireworks album like Lisbon or Wings of Reality, I would have taken rid of the Iron Maiden cover or the drum solo and would have included some of this songs (I’m not saying that Number of the Beast or the drum solo sucks, they just don’t really fit in this live album).

Talking about the first live album from Angra (Holy Live only had 5 or 6 songs, so I don’t count it as a live “album”) I would say it’s a good choice for buying only if you are fan of the band or the genre. It’s not a “must have”. And from a particular point of view, I think this album is the proof of how solid this band is although they suffered a hard change in their core. Live in Sao Paulo deserves to have a listen.