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Marvellous. - 98%

ROCKNEVADIES, December 6th, 2002


I'd never thought Eduardo Falaschi would fit the void Matos left but he did nicely although I still prefer the latter. Coruscating vocal talent there.

In the guitar department, axmen Kiko and Rafael still prove they can kick ass. As one of the greatest guitar duo around they can sling out sizzling and exploding guitar pyrokenetics as easily as they play soulful solos, influencing the listener's emotions.

The rythm section is first class. Heavier than the original line-up, these guys are up-and-comers. They are like power stations, churning out tons of energy that makes you want to gystrate.

The songs are transcendental! As usual the lyrics are done in Angra's traditional, perculiar way. Very poetic stuff. As usual the music is "positive" and melodic even during the heavier stuff. Spectacular display of musicianship that cracks, sizzles and pops that are the slick time changes and blistering solos.

Overall a masterpiece that deserves to be in the collection of any metalhead or even the casual listener. This stuff is heavy bu accessible due to the melodic sound Angra has.

Witness the Rebirth of a great band.