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This can only be described in one way... - 100%

PowerDaso, June 27th, 2010

... Very excellent, even though that is gramatically incorrect.

Back in the 90's, Angra did various good releases that gave them the lead in Brazilian power metal. After the huge abscence of 3 years and the departure of basically the whole band, this rank was placed in risk, knowing that it would probably not be the same band as it was and that many other bands had came up during their hiatus. They came up with this album, 'Rebirth', a true masterpiece in prog power metal that can only be acknowledged and not criticized.

Angra is a prog-influenced band, so their sound is bound to variate repeatedly. The overall atmosphere for the album is pretty relaxing and cooled-off, evident proof of this are the songs "Rebirth", "Millenium Sun", "Heroes of Sand" and "Visions Prelude", the three first of these being started with slow parts and

Let's talk a bit about Edu Falaschi. Along the album, you'll listen to him singing mostly on high pitched ranges and at times keeping it cool, adding a necessary relaxing atmosphere after some speedy sections in songs. Edu has an awesome management of his vocal range, as well as he knows when to go higher in range or deeper. The talented work of Loureiro and Bittencourt is definitelly highlightable, as it gives the perfect atmosphere for their new singer, Edu Falaschi, to stand out as much as it is needed for a singer, but not overshadowing the other instruments. He is often criticized and compared to the former singer, Andre Matos. In my opinion, Falaschi is better, since not only his range but his vocal control is much better, as well as his vocal parameters are. He adds this album a touch of perfection that Matos would not be able to give.

So, there is still something else I would like to mention individually: the performance of each of the musicians (with Falaschi as an exception, since I talked about him already). Both of the guitarrists, Loureiro and Bittencourt, are between the most talented in the whole Brazil, and they show it off in here. The guitars get excellent solos and stand out a lot with some of the best riffs in power metal that I've ever heard. Felipe Andreoli is the new bassist and he is already getting a spotlight on him. Besides from getting stunning bass lines he gets a bass solo on "Unholy Wars", which is pretty much a climax in the album. Aquiles Priester, the new drummer, gets to play nice rhythms, interesting interludes and of course set the base for everything that is being played. The unknown keyboardist also performs an excellent job in many songs, especially "Running Alone" and "Visions Prelude".

I think this is a pretty mature sounding album, enjoyable at every single moment, and it is sure to provide an entertaining while to any listenet. With it, Angra definitelly kept the leadership of the Brazilian power metal scene and they keep to have it so far. This album is unlikely to be topped.

Highlights: All of them, keeping even higher "Nova Era", "Heroes of Sand", "Unholy Wars", "Rebirth" and "Judgement Day"