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Absolute magic. - 99%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 29th, 2011

This is my favorite Angra album, and would without thought, make my shortlist of favorite albums. Prior to Rebirth Angra had lost over half of their line-up, leaving Kiko and Rafael to pick up the pieces. Thus, entitling the Rebirth was an apt decision for the album, signaling the rebirth of Brazil's finest export.

Everything here oozes brilliance, I've lost count of how many times I've spun this album, yet the magic is always there, never diminishing; in fact increasing. This has the beauty of being both instantly gratifying, as well as boasting enough depth for it to hold up to play, after play, after play.

The song selection is second to none, from the order they appear, to the performances, their length, the dynamics; Rebirth is nigh on perfect. The album boasts a feel and atmosphere that I find hard to put into words, I guess it is very clean, like a breath of fresh air or so to say. I can put this on the headphones, close my eyes and imagine myself soaring through the sky, the potent air filling my lungs, wind in my sails, kissing the azure.

Opening with a short intro that leads nicely into opener "Nova Era", which is an exercise in power metal brilliance and the perfect start to the album. "Millenium Sun" takes the semi ballad approach, and we see newcomer Edu Falaschi asserting his excellent mid to low range over classy piano work before the whole band kick around a minute and a half in. The riff is pure progressive power metal awesomeness, with a laid back fluid feel, Edu again asserts his authority, and I'm left thinking Andre who?

"Acid Reign" is one of the best Angra songs, and can only really be described as nuts. I feel this song is a perfect example of what the words progressive power metal mean in my head. The mid-section to this tune is as daring as it is exciting, Kiko and Rafael pull out all the stops here and the guitar solos are absolutely insane. "Heroes of Sand" is a poignant ballad, performed exceptionally, you can always rely on Angra to deliver a good ballad.

The second part of the album takes us further into progressive territory, "Unholy Wars" serves as the centerpiece to Rebirth with traditional Brazilian flair spliced with a bluesy sun-kissed riff, the track builds for a good while before dropping out into some double kicks before leading us into the speed metal zone. Again the mid-section here is mind-numbing with some stupendous bass work to set it all off. The title track utilizes similar arrangement to "Millenium Sun" and is a real cool number.

I've essentially veered into track by track here, but considering this is a favorite of mine I feel the majority of the tracklist deserves some sort of mention. Before concluding I have to mention "Running Alone" an idyllic affair in power metal brilliance, this song never fails to paint a smile across and that damn chorus is as catchy as it is uplifting.

It would be an understatement to say that I bow to the brilliance of Rebirth. From the moment I first heard it I knew it was special, and since then I've continued to listen. Dennis Ward did a great job in getting this album to sound as bright and magical as it does. I pity any power metal fan without this in their collection. Mandatory