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Epic, period. - 90%

phantasos666, June 8th, 2004

Great live album here folks.

You may say that "power metal ist gay". I agree, yet with a few exceptions and Angra is one of those. Every song here is perfectly executed, André Matos sings there was no tomorrow and the recording is simply amazing, being it a live album.

These brazilian guys were great [I say were once new vocalist is not even close to André Matos geniality] and they gave us this brutaly beautiful live album. Everything sounds perfect and the feeling is so intense that we can almost sense the crowd surrounding us, the vibrations of the stage sound and the weather at the time. The songs "Nothing To Say", "Carolina IV" and "Carry On" are pure heavy metal hymns! Probably will take decades to any other power/heavy metal band create such masterpieces and perform them so perfectly live.

The only weak point [or maybe not] in this release is it's short running time. I said maybe not, because we could get tired after listening to soo much power.