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Cochino, March 3rd, 2007

This EP is amazing.

After listening to the great Graf Spee (that I rushed to review, today I would have give them a higher score), I didn't think that another great band would come from Uruguay, and much less an 80's band. But I was wrong.

Angkor Vat doesn't have the originality of the previously named Graf Spee, but the Death/Thrash they play has some personality of its own.
I would describe the music as a mix of Sepultura in Schizophrenia and Destruction in their first releases, but there's also something more I cannot describe, but trust me, this is not an average recording from an average band.
The riffs are total killers. Maybe the only track that isn't that great is Endless Nightmare, but the rest are equally splendid. I cannot say one outstanding track, my favorites change every time I listen to it.
The only bad thing is that only being 5 tracks, you're left wanting more, and the LP never came.

I think any thrasher with a developed taste will enjoy this. South American Death/Thrash from the 80's never dissapoints.