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They're rising to the top of the list! - 100%

ShadeOfDarkness, June 11th, 2012

I have been known for giving quite a few albums 100%. Know that it is most likely a Megadeth album, and if not, it is an unbelievable exception, like this one. This is a brilliant album for several reasons: 1. Angelus Apatrida has managed to find the perfect spot between melodic and aggressive music that I've been searching for for years. 2. Their songwriting skill is incredible. 3. The production is a flawless, modernized thrash, standard production. There are of course more reasons, but we'll get to them in due time.

The album opens up with one of the fastest tracks on here, "You Are Next". We are treated to some excellent riffage from the band as well as some screaming vocals from Guillermo. Things do slow down on the second song, "At The Gates of Hell", and here we get more melodic vocals. There's even some falsetto here and there in this song. Even though it's a groovier track, it will still definitely keep you interested in what comes next.

One thing I can say about this album without hesitating is that it's packed with variety. You've got your standard thrashers like "You Are Next", "Violent Dawn", and "The Hope is Gone", which packs somewhat of a more melodic chorus, but can still qualify as a thrash song by all means. On the other hand, you've got two speed metal tracks, "It's Rising!" and "Killer Instinct", that instantly makes me think of Judas Priest and Exciter. And then you have the songs that I'm not really sure what genre to put them in like "Blood On The Snow", which is my favourite track by far, and "Reborn", which is the "epic" closer to the album.

Guillermo Izquierdo's vocals are extremely unique, especially for this new wave of thrash era we are in. Another reviewer described his vocals as raptor-ish, and I would fully agree with that statement. His vocals are soaring...that's the word I was looking for. He uses many styles to his advantage. Sometimes he goes for the screaming and yelling, while other times he goes for a slightly more melodic snarl that would make you think of Dave Mustaine (why do I like this album? Haha!).

The riffs are definitely more on the technical side of things here. One good example would be the riffage shown in "At the Gates of Hell", as they're all very interesting and packed with creative ideas. Another riff I cannot get enough of is the one in "Blood On The Snow" when the song picks up from the silent intro and just goes right into overdrive.

The percussion work on this album is actually for once something I really would like to talk about. I would guess most of the reason why this is the case is because of the production that they have. The part in "Blood On The Snow" that I just mentioned is an excellent example here as well, as the double bass, cannon-like drumming we hear on this track is without a doubt something to get your adrenaline pumped to. One day I was at a friends house and I was extremely tired as I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. Then he put on this track and I couldn't help but bang my head to the point where I looked like an idiot!

And I guess that would be most of my thoughts regarding this album. It is a record you would really wanna pick up if you're more into the slightly more melodic new wave thrash. Give this some fair listens and see for yourself!