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So much Sorrow - 90%

JJM1, July 2nd, 2013

Brought to life back in '07, Angellore from Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France has spent the past several years releasing demos, EPS and a split before signing with DreamCell 11 Entertainment last year and originally releasing 'Errances' in December, although just in digital format. 2013 marked the true release of 'Errances' as it was finally available in physical format in late March.

This three piece band plays a common form of Gothic-ish doom/death metal that's heavy on the atmosphere while baring resemblances to the likes of Draconian, Empyrium, My Dying Bride, Forest of Shadows (etc.). The mood throughout the record is one of a very somber nature -- loss, reflection, death and nature all seem to play a heavy factor in the bands music. I'll admit bands of this style are often hit or miss with me, but in the case of Angellore, everything seems to be so well wrote and honest that its hard to not submit to the misery within this album.

Perhaps what makes the album so special is just simply its diversity. The vocals, for example, are all over the place; heavy death growls, cleanly sung male parts, lower baritone singing (similar to Empyrium) and a more weeping sad clean voice is featured too. Rosarius' guitar work has such a passionately grief-stricken vibe to it while interplaying flawlessly with Walran's orchestral synth backing and piano work, which similarly has a very gorgeous and melancholy tone. Rosarius has a few moments of absolute brilliance, especially that solo at the beginning of 'Shades of Sorrow' or his mesmerizing bass guitar work at the onset of, 'I Am The Agony.' Ronnie's drums are also quite well performed, though with so much else going on they seemed to be pushed more into the background. There's also the presence of acoustic guitars and a violin on a few songs, which is first class, and just enhances the album further.

Its hard to pick a favorite as I found the album flowed entirely too well and never felt boring or tired at any point, similarly the song writing is way above average and just shows that the band did their homework before going into the studio to record the album. It also has to be stated that the band pours so much feeling into the vocal styles that all the gloomy poetry seems all the more for real and honest.

I can admit that I generally don't go for these sorts of bands much myself anymore, but there was a time in my life when I loved this genre to pieces. Listening to 'Errances' brings me back to those days of misery and hopelessness, and even though I don't particularly enjoy thinking back on those times, its an inescapable part of my past. In those days it was bands like this that kept me going, just knowing that there were others out there that felt the same inside was enough not to end it all.

I'm sort of surprised this album wasn't picked up by a bigger label, such as Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Napalm, because it has all the workings and professional quality that a band of this style on those labels would normally deliver. Either way, give Angellore and 'Errances' a chance if you enjoy any sort of Gothic doom/death metal.

Originally Published at Lunar Hypnosis: