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For the fans - 70%

DGYDP, August 16th, 2009

After a number of demo's and an EP, Storm Over Scaldis is the first full-length of the Belgian folk metal band Angeli di Pietra. It contains a number of previously recorded songs, as well as a handful of new ones. Fans of the band will be more than satisfied by this release, and folk metal fans in general should definitely have a look at this release. The music of Angeli di Pietra has not changed much over the years and consists of power metal guitar work, folky melodies and harmonies reminiscent of mid-90's melodeath. On vocals we find two different persons: Guy Van Campenhout provides deep, booming Gothenburg vocals, contrasted by Sjoera Roggeman's slightly operatic female soprano.

Oh yes, I know what you're thinking: "sounds like a crappy Eppur Si Muove rip-off". And while there are indeed some similarities, this band is more then Haggard worship. For one thing, there is no actual classical music to be found here, barring Sjoera's vocals. The song structures are also original and interesting, while the guitars go beyond the boundaries of typical folk metal. And yet, most of the music is nothing new: think of a Therion/Haggard/Eluveitie cross and you're pretty close to what Angeli di Pietra sound like.

The guitar work is solid and daring, with interesting instrumental parts and solos. The same can be said about all the other instruments, including the vocals. All in all I'm sure this release will please a very large part of the folk metal crowd, while it will probably not convince those who are not folk metal fans. Storm Over Scaldis accomplishes its goals, showing that Angeli di Pietra are a force to be reckoned with.