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A Worthy Homage to the Golden Age of Black - 77%

sleep_phantom, September 13th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Morbid Chapel Records

I'd swear when hearing this the first time that it had to be an album from the 90's. Guitar has that classic fast black thrash sound and feel. The drums sound drowned out a little bit intentionally to help cement the sound further. The vocals sound good to me and embrace a couple different sounds, all of which have a scratchy, choking up blood effect to them. There aren't really any sections where the vocals stand out to me that much but overall they do a satisfying job. His non-lyrical vocalizations paint the most vivid display of singing and that might be a problem for some, but I have no problem with it. This is the first time I'm listening to Angelgoat at all though so weigh that in for what it may,

I would be comfortable putting this on with bands like Craft and I think it has the chops to stack up with them as a modern day take on that scornful fiery type black metal; as opposed to the winter sounds of Immortal.

The drums are consistent and each note is heard loud and clear even during the faster blast beats. Which goes to show for some skill on percussion. Though not many drum fills stood out to me that much and the ones that did were rather quick and short.

I do like the guitars for what they play and how they sound: though the style of black metal begs for a solo in my opinion. There's some rather memorable riffs on most songs, and song introductions are attention grabbing enough to make me want to hear where each song goes. Most tracks fall between 3 and 4 minutes and aren't overly repetitive offering a unifying and natural transitional flow throughout the album.

Song introductions might be a bit stronger than their outros, being right off the cuff and in your face. That doesn't come to be a problem until the last track that doesn't have a follow up introduction to uphold that.

The lyrics are appropriately suited to fit with the theme of the album but I find it hard to find anything productive to say about them so I'll avoid commenting. Looking at the lyrics all the lines are around the same lengths. This comes through while listening in the same way in that the vocals sound sort of the same from track to track.

The main thing that keeps me listening throughout is to hear which riff is next and how fast the drums can get. I think people who like the Craft or Carpathian Forest sound of black metal would enjoy this moderately enough to collect it. Some might pass it off though.

From what I heard I'll definitely be checking out their other stuff though.

Strengths - Riffs, Drumming.
Could use improvement - Lyrical variation. Begs for a guitar or drum solo.