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Avoid - 5%

gk, November 23rd, 2007

In a span of just five years since inception in 1995 to dissolution in 1999, Angel Corpse released 3 albums and a couple of eps and firmly established themselves as kvlt underground heroes. It also helped that founding member Pete Helmkamp was also the founding member of another kvlter than thou death metal band Order From Chaos. 2006 saw the band reform with its original line up and this year sees the band release its fourth studio album.

Considering that the band's last album The Inexorable was a pummeling display of blackened death metal, I had pretty high expectations from Of Lucifer And Lightening. I'm quite sorry to say that these hopes have been dashed and broken to pieces. Of Lucifer And Lightening is a piss poor release that leaves me completely unmoved.

The songs still reek of early Morbid Angel mixed with some black metal bits but where the combination worked on The Inexorable thanks to the sheer force of delivery, here the songs just sound boring. At low volumes this music very quickly dissolves into a background buzz while at higher volumes it gets quite irritating.

Also, special mention must be made of the production. It sucks. There are thousands of bands around that make music that's just as bad but have the decency to wrap it up in some sort of professional production job. Angel Corpse though, shoot themselves in the foot by opting to keep things kvlt. The sound is muddy and there's absolutely no punch.

Angel Corpse have returned after an eight year gap with their worst album ever. This one has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Avoid.