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Angelcorpse stick to the same formula. - 70%

LordBelketraya, November 25th, 2007

I only heard of these guys this year from a Watain gig I went to that also had Nachtmystium and Angelcorpse on the supporting bands list. To me they caught my ear and they sounded pretty good. I decided to check them out, apparently they've been on hiatus for over 5 years. I heard their older works and also this new one and they don't sound any different really. Now that's not such a bad thing. I would agree with most people that their earlier stuff has a few more catchier riffs and they are all their best. It's almost like the guys had to shake off some rust and stick to what they do best, not venture too far away from their trademark sound.

The singer sounds very much like Abbath (Immortal) and the music at times sounds like Morbid Angel but without the guitar virtuosity of Trey Azagthoth. This isn't a band that will ever be in the same league as Death Metal heavyweights Morbid Angel, Obituary, Deicide and current leaders of the pack Behemoth. Angelcorpse are a notch or two below those aforementioned bands. But it doesn't mean they can't make some decent music. It's enjoyable for a while, some nice riffs here and there and good vocals but I can't get past the "Abbath-like" voice. It's almost like he's doing guest vocals. My main complaint is the thin-sounding guitars, there's no "weight" to it and sounds weak for a death metal band. There needs to be more punch in their sound, whether its drums or guitar and none of them step up. Next time they need to add more depth and balls to the music. This is just Angelcorpse going through the motions. Even so, it's not bad. Imagine if they followed the steps in this review. A 90% or higher next time around.