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The War Metal Rebirth Of Peter Helmkamp - 85%

brocashelm, April 13th, 2006

I must say I'm surprised at some of the low marks given this album. When so many people are justifiably sick of phony trigger drum, crystal clear sounding death metal albums, one would think that material with heart, brains and guts like this would get more support. I was very impressd with this album upon it's release and I still really love it. While it's not as technically breathtaking as Angelcorpse's later work, it has a raw brilliance and sinister aura all it's own. A clear Morbid Angel influence is here, but with more esoteric lyrics and unqiue riff constructs. For those of you who come ot this album fresh from Helmkamp's work with Order From Chaos, you'll find it to be more aggressive and straight-forward musically, but equally dense in lyrical terms. As I mentioned, the full throttle whirlwind tempos of later albums like EXTERMINATE are not quite in effect, but I feel that gives the music a touch more breathing space. "Sodomy Curse," "Envenomed," "Soulflayer," and vicious opener "Consecration" are all ace material. One reviewer commented on a "demo tape" level sound quality. I agree, but I don't find it to be the detriment they seemed to believe it was. The album has a dark and somewhat muffled sound that I find suitable to underground death metal, which this most certainly is. If you're hip to later Angelcorpse stuff, please keep an open mind and check this out. Also note: in '96 true death metal was on it's knees both commercialy and artistically. This album was a beacon of hope for a dying genre.