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True death metal, highly competent - 84%

Milo, December 16th, 2004

Angelcorpse’s “Exterminate” has all of the elements needed in a good death metal album. Great vocals, guitars, an outstanding drummer, but somehow they still don’t get all the praise they deserve. I never see anyone talking about them. I hope this review will draw more attention to them, in this world where dumb wannabe melodic homossexual Gothenburg/shitcore bullshit are much more widespread than real good music.

This album flows perfectly. Here, we don’t see musicans walking in circles waiting for some good idea to pop out. The agression is focused, and the intensity won’t stop till you press “stop”. The album is mostly fast, with some slower riffs to mix things up. The riffage is top-notch, helped by the excellent guitar tone (very clear, but it doesn’t make the album stop sounding like death metal) and the sense of catchiness of the rhythm guitarist is very good. If you listen with attention, you will notice that almost every riff here is pretty nice. The lead guitar is heavily influenced by Trey Azaghtoht (or however the fuck you call him). If you like this kind of stuff (I do) his solos are pretty damn good.

The vocals aren’t the usual death metal growls. Here we see great black metal vocals and some screams (when backed up by the blasbeats, it’s so cool).

The drummer is pure genious, his performance here is so good that he can be mentioned among my main drumming references, Flo Mounier, Proscriptor and Raymond Herrera. His rhythm is steady, his fills are catchy and he plays fast as hell. The blastbeats are used wisely, unlike most drummers today, idiots who blast their way through the whole length of the album, idiots who don’t know what does “good drumming” mean, idiots who aren’t interested in making their talent grow, only following the orders of a dumb songwriter who wants to be “br00tul”. Maybe the double bass should be a liiiittle higher in the mix.

Except by a throwaway (Wartorn has no good riffs) and a mediocre track (Embrace is overlong), anything is from good to excellent. “Christhammer” has the hooks lacked by “Embrace”. “Phallelujia” has a great chorus. This song is much better from the middle to end than the start. The Azagtoth influence in the solos is glaring. “Reap the Whirlwind” has a great break at 2:27, and is very good all-around. 2:58 at “Songs of The Vengeance” has another break, this time with a great guitar solo in the middle. “That Which Lies Upon” is a riff galore, and has pretty well-used blastbeats. The best track is the brief “Into the Storm of Steel”, where the rhythm guitar blends perfectly with the drumming.

Except by the two “bad” tracks, this CD shows how to do quality death metal. Too bad Angelcorpse won’t return to save us from this sick metalcore world.