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Really In A Storm Of Steel!!! - 91%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 3rd, 2008

I took this album few years ago, in a promotional copy not for sale, what a luck! It was my very first Angelcorpse album and from this one I started to buy the entire discography. If their first album was a bit more raw, it had some of the best songs done by this group that, along with this Exterminate, sets the statement in war black/death genre.

The production here is great and perfect for this genre. I think that the bass drum is triggered for the sound and it’s very hard to believe that a drummer has that speed in the double kick, without losing a shot or even do a little error…anyway, who cares? It’s good and check out the beginning to “Sons Of Vengeance” song. Truly brutal.

Pete Helmkamp vocals are always screamed and brutal. Recognizable among bunch of other ones. The opener song is pure speed with blast beats, black riffs and fast-technical solos. Without a second to relax we must face the up tempos of Wartorn…unbelievable. Pure attack. I think that “Into The Storm Of Steel” is the perfect soundtrack to a nuclear disaster. The riffs after 20 second from the beginning is awesome and the blast beats sound like the machine gun shots during a war.

“Phallelujah” is fucking twisted and extreme during the refrain. Pete vomits the soul here: his voices is unmatchable for malevolence. The epic/war touch in the guitars “melody” of “That Which Lies Upon” is exalting. But what can we say for “Sons Of Vengeance”? a truly brutal song…As I said before the drummer is inhuman…

Every song has its almost memorable moments without filling riffs or things like that. This is total impact with very catchy parts that contribute in making this album a true classic in war extreme metal. ATTAAAAACK!!!!!!