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Have You Ever Had That Feeling... - 89%

Akerfeldt_Fanboi, December 8th, 2008

...from music that your balls have dropped again? Well, with the attributes of this absolutely vicious black/death metal band it isn't uncommon. Combining the riffing genius of Bill Taylor and the harmonically solid Gene Palunicki we get a ballbreaking album.

Littered with shredding solos that are nothing more than rapidly picked notes and tremolo bar wankage, and riffs that are meant to plow through you this album is simply death metal at it's purest.
The drums are mindshatteringly fast and powerful, with fills a plenty and tons of passion and fury that you can actually hear from behind the kit.

Anyways, those are the two best aspects of Angelcorpse (and especially this album, Exterminate) to me, so we shall move on to the review.

Starting from the opening track, Christhammer, you really really know what you're getting into. Beginning with harsh almost atonal riffing and a wild vocalist, you are shown the rest of the album in a nutshell. To be honest, that makes the album lose a few points by itself, the music is so repetitive.

Every track may seem to blend together for those who have never dealt with this kind of dense production and the vocals start to sound incomprehensable and put there to continue a song. The bass is completely nonexistent and the drum sound for the bass drum is also too quiet, though the rest of the kit sounds remarkable.

That being said, the songwriting is perfect. While being a monotonous approach, the said music is outstanding. The rhythm guitar is vicious and comes pounding your face in with every power chord and open tremolo pick, then we come to the solos. Oh god, the solos. While being entirely wanky, the solo guitar has such a remarkable tone that I can't even begin to describe.

Well, I can. It sounds like the guys kept their wah pedals on slightly for every lead to make them sound more dynamic and powerful. Which is exactly what I get...POWER. The leads are vicious and wild, and just...ughh so great. The album gets huge pointage from them.

Anyways...onto the production. Dense and with only one outlook. To burn you in hellfire and destroy some people in the process. The guitars and drums are prominent, but not too overloud. The vocals are perfect in volume, and the bass is nonexistent...sounds like classic old school death metal, no? Well guess again, the sound can get grating and the bass inexistence is ridiculous, Pete is completely inaudible and it kind of agrivates me to not hear it. The bass would've given the band and even heavier edge that would've given a few more points here.

The lyrics and such are standard antichristian, violent black metal fare.

Deadly album, recommended to anyone who is a fan of gutchecking music with a penchant for repetition and mosh-worthy riffing. On a related note, those who are looking for incredibly dynamic and varied music will be dissapointed as the band have one point-of-view:

Our might makes right
Where charnal houses
Leer at the world
Where crown and cudgel
Rains from the skies"

Buy it.