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Hidden Gold in 90s Metal - 75%

Grumpy Cat, July 12th, 2018

Resurrection is the compilation of 3 demos from 90s Angel Witch packed into one relatively easy to find shell. As an example this can be found on the streaming service Spotify where Angel Witch's later 2 80's album can't. Its actually easier to get access to than some of Angel Witch's actual albums, but how does it compare? Angel Witch was practically a flash in the pan band in the first place, laying down one of the NWoBHM's essential works before fading into obscurity.

It holds itself up well. The recording quality is good, the production job emulating the 80's quite strongly. In most ways this is Angel Witch exactly as one might remember them, just later on in years. The same kind of mid paced riffs, the shrieking leads sprinkled over the album, Inertia uses a tried and true drum build up before the vocals come in. It might serve as a nostalgia trip if I had heard of Angel Witch prior to the year 2012ish. The most notable difference would be that age has fixed some of the worse aspects of Heybourne's voice, its recognizable, but it doesn't have that kind of whiny teen pitch that people didn't like about the debut album. Still hits about the same registry but not in an effeminate way.

Its this kind of true to form nature about the album that I admire about it. The band could have run off to chase the various up and coming metal trends, they could have reduced Heybourne to just a guitarist and introduced a death metal growler, they could have adopted Pantera's annoying machismo or the groove metal trend, but they, or he I should say as Heybourne I believe is the only actual member from the 80s to appear hear, much less the classic line up from the debut, anyways he stayed true to what he knew. Perhaps its a vanity project or he was swimming in his own nostalgia, but he delivered a piece of classic metal spirit and old school leanings in a time when the metal world was moving far away from those kind of ideas.