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metalgrimoire, September 1st, 2011

With their debut album, Angel Witch accomplished something that many bands with an endless back catalog struggle to do, and that's make heavy metal history. This piece of spinning black vinyl contains some of the most amazing compositions, riffs, solos, moods, and vocal performances you will ever hear from a traditional heavy metal band.

Angel Witch's music is so very special that is really hard to find another band to compare them to. Kevin Heybourne, the guitar player, singer, and main songwriter is strongly influenced by Black Sabbath, and you can tell that by the monstrous riffs in songs like "Atlantis", "Confused", "Angel Of Death", and "The Devil's Tower". On the other hand, like many contemporaries of the N.W.O.B.H.M, they also draw many passages from the '70s progressive rock movement, giving Angel Witch's music an eerie, deep atmosphere which is quite unique. Just listen to "Free Man" and "Sorcerers" and be transported to far away corners of the world.

But it's really in their epic and glorious heavy metal anthems that you will find yourself praising this band in no time. The title track, "Angelwitch", remains as one of heavy metal's most immediate classics. It's almost impossible to listen this masterpiece without raising your fist with pride. "White Witch" is my personal favorite anthem from this opus as the initial riff is just pure genius and sets the mood for the sudden burst when the vocals come in, then the bridge in the middle takes you straight to the lair of the witch and then the first riffs appears once again to send chills down your spine. The chorus is something that any self-respecting headbanger will want to scream aloud with a beer in hand: "Buuuuuurn the white witch....". "Gorgon" and "Sweet Danger" are strong, unique, and original and that is just about the best definition for this amazing band.

The performance in this 1980 classic is displayed with a lot of talent and passion. The voice of Kevin Heybourne is great with a very personal touch. Many find it hard to digest but you should definitely give it a chance and it will grow on you. On the other hand, his guitar playing is absolutely fantastic with riffs and solos of the highest caliber, delivered with pure feeling and class. Kevin Riddles plays some of the most inventive and tasty bass lines of that era and without hesitation I would put him in the league of gods like Geezer Butler and Steve Harris. Steve Hogg is a very adequate drummer for the style of music they play and completes the unforgettable trio of Angel Witch's first record.

If you've never listened to this album, I urge you to do so! If you already know it and you found it nothing special, give it another go because it certainly deserves it. It's not just another record in the endless stream of metal music, it's one of metal's more fantastic achievements.