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A Heavy Metal Specter Incarnate - 100%

heavymetalbackwards, June 18th, 2009

What if life and death were two twines, braided into a rope called “Angel Witch?”

The album before us is a reflection of the universal human spirit; our desire to believe in a God, to hold passionately tight to our ideals of wonder and romance, and to embrace our faith in both angels and witches alike: all this manifests within.

This masterpiece from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal has soaring vocal harmonies, galloping guitar rhythms, and a ghostly atmosphere. Tracks like “The Sorceress” simply run chills down your backbone, while “Angel of Death” will make you cringe in fear. Others, like the opener “Angel Witch,” sing a heartbreaking tale of unrequited love. The story is of a woman so simultaneously perfect and wicked, she feeds Kevin Heybourne’s desire to both live and die. Noticeable contrast between the bittersweet lyrics and upbeat melody flawlessly capture the conflicting nature of romantic infatuation.

With soul-felt guitar solos, emotional vocal performances, and a solid level of technical musicianship, even a cynic could appreciate this superb effort. The supernatural overtones color this release with a paranormal, vivacious flamboyance. This is not Conan the Barbarian sword-and-sorcery, but rather a children’s bedtime fairytale. It hits close to home for anyone with fantasies and dreams.

Not all music invents a whole new world, but Angel Witch’s debut certainly does. In this unnamed land, when you kiss your wife’s lips goodnight in bed, you don’t worry about the unpaid bills; you worry about the black witches out to kill her.

Angel Witch is a less dark, more enchanted Black Sabbath. This is haunting, magical surrealism at its finest.