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Utterly amazing - 100%

Dethrone_Tyranny, September 25th, 2003

Well, my first perfect score for an album review. It deserves it, man. Raw and heavy, but the vox and guitar melodies of Kevin Heyborn are just purely fantastic. The album begins with a bang, a mass amount of furious, neo-classical riffage and leads into the sweet ass sweet first verse of the title song, "Nobody else can see you the same way as I, fly high and touch the sky, you're the angel I adore". Not to mention the definet and unforgettable chorus of this killer, live favorite. All the songs on the album has sort of an early Sabbath-ish feeling to them, with much more speed and neo-classical riffs delivered by one of the best axemen in metal history. Sometimes it's very hard to believe that Angel Witch was only a 3-peice band back when this was relesed, since the overall sound is so amazing despite its rawness. Of course, the rawness only adds more quality and perfection to this release, giving it a perfect mood when listening to. It's not raw in the crappy "kvlt" black metal way, but more towards Di'anno era Maiden or Venom, with a much better vox. Speaking of Maiden, this album is about 5 times better than their debute, and highly ranked up there with Saxon's 2 releases back in 1980, perhapse even better than that.
The version that I own includes and albums worth of bonus tracks that are 7'' and 12'' inch singles, including "Baphomet" which only previously appeard on the 'Metal For Muthas' compilation in 1979. Without the bonus tracks, I would have given this album around 95% considering its short length, but of course the bonus tracks bring this masterpeice to perfection. "Hades Paradies" is one of my all time favorite metal songs, beautily done. DO NOT call yourself a metal head if you do not own this album!!

Best songs on album: Angel Witch, White Witch, Gorgon, Angel Of Death

Best bonus songs: Loser, Dr. Phibes, Hades Paradise