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In the Morgue of Angels - 80%

Nattskog7, August 5th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Redefining Darkness Records

The debut full length of Angel Morgue is here, whose crushing blend of cavernous death metal with touches of black and doom Metal will certainly devour those who listen.

Doomy riffs come into fruition with slow and morbid crawling energy emanating from the darkened grooves. Cascading cymbals bring in the drums and vocals with more despairingly odious soundscapes being generated through the medium of crushing death metal. Eerie and viciously brutal, this is proof that speed isn’t always heaviest, driving out a cavernous and spectral blend of sepulchral extremity. Storming forth, the brooding and devastating atmospherics grow and warp into profoundly claustrophobic, charnel pathways into “The Morgue Of Angels”, a visceral and unwelcoming yet strangely familiar realm.

Though monolithic in sound, there is a simplicity to this music, building into mid-tempo crawls but generally staying in the slower end of death metal that reeks of the grave, offering a primal yet enticing ambience with mighty grooves to hammer the nail of morbidity through the skull with full force. The blasting drums we see bring a more blackened touch with hideously demonic screams and malevolent riffing, offering a diverse and impactful dimension to the heavily textured death metal. With a raspy old school mix we see the murky ideas spring to life with a warm bass tone to obliterate the brain matter along with the contortions of the guitars and drums, allowing the vocals to naturally progress through various hellish domains.

Taking the more otherworldly and dismal approach to their death metal, Angel Morgue deliver a tempest of ravaging and atmosphere-driven brilliance that shines with the glistening aura of something truly wicked. Blending restless assaults into a huge bombardment of doomy riffs can often sound jarring but these transitions work seamlessly due to a wonderfully concise songwriting style that still retains the expansive ideas that work well. Creeping through endlessly expanding sounds, the shift always feeling organic, Angel Morgue have a disturbing picture to paint on their record that is successfully brought to life with the magnificently dark music they have to offer, allow yourself to be a part of this rotten journey into the underworld.

A crushing and titanic debut album of nauseatingly heavy material, bringing an apocalyptic vision forth with doomy, blackened and totally ferocious old school death metal. Haunting and memorably groovy, there is plenty to love on this record with its demonic, brooding atmospherics and destructive rampages. A must listen for death-doom maniacs.

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