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Decent effort - 75%

paranj, September 25th, 2010

My first experience with Angantyr...well how did it fare out ? I would say pretty well! After seeing the reviews Angantyr has got for his other albums, I figured he's a really awesome one man band. Generally I am not a big black metal fan. I dabble more into the death/thrash areas of metal. Nevertheless, I found this album quite intriguing and enjoyable. The overall atmosphere of this album is dark and frosty, classic black metal style. The guitars have a sharp tone and sound a little muddy and the drumming is a little low in produce. In short, a 'trve' black metal album.

The song-writting is varied and dynamic. The longer songs, as expected, have more variations. A lot of break-downs and fast parts. It's not musically technical but no black metal album is! The guitar riffs are mostly frosty and fast tremolo picked notes with some chord work in the slower parts. The guitar tone is typical black metal-ish. One good thing is that it is much better produced than underground black metal albums. Almost all instruments (except the bass guitar) are clearly heard. The drumming is a mix of blast beats and drum rolls. The kick pedals are use effectively and generally the drumming is amusing rather than the stale 'dum-dum-dum' blast beats at insane speeds. The vocals, as mentioned, are your general black metal shrieks but they are on par and never feel emotionally bland.

Overall, this is a pretty good album. Black metal fans will love it and dig it immediately while fans of other metal genres will enjoy a single listen through it (or atleast I did). Listen to it if you get a chance.