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The Harmony of Hatred - 97%

nahtaivel, August 14th, 2008

First of all, I have always been a fan of Angantyr since the first time I listened to it. Ynleborgaz, the genius behind all of these work always came up with nice composed songs and a powerful atmosphere filled with great emotions.

This demo, Nordens Stolte Krigere has the same hateful atmosphere and enjoyable songs. Firstly, the guitar riffs are great. They are not technical, just usual tremolo picked guitar riffs, but the emotions and anger hidden in them are obvious. The bass is audible and gives the production a thicker sound. The drums are played with professionality and they are not always the classic blast-beats. There are different rhythm structures (mid paced or fast ones) and they are all perfect. And the vocals, they are the classic black metal rasps but the lyrics are sung with true emotions, for sure.

There are no flaws of this demo, except one, and that is sometimes you feel like you are listening to the song behind a wall. The production is not great ( that is why i gave it 97%) but also adds more spice and atmosphere.

Standout Track: Den Store Krig