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Angantyr - Endeløs - 95%

Morgoths_Bane, July 2nd, 2007

So you got a couple of Angantyr’s albums, and they simply astound you. So you think, let’s check out their earlier stuff, maybe one of their demos, and you go for Endeløs. A self released effort by Ynleborgaz. You put the album/tape whatever into whatever and start listening to it. What you notice first off, is the difference in the music between this demo and the new albums, namely, Sejr and Hævn. The latter being classic examples of technical, inspiring, yet slightly folky/vikingy black metal.
Whereas on the other hand, Endeløs is as raw as it gets.

The first track starts of with the drums being played as if by an amateur, but they evolve almost instantaneously into proper BM, and the usual. This track and every consequent track has the same deathly and flawless mixture of drumming, subtle and sometimes not so much, as well as the raw, distorted guitars. The technical skill, proficiency and overall harmony of instruments is absolutely staggering, all this coming from just one man. Truly awesome. Every track has its ups and downs, from the blaring, distorted guitar intro of Nattens Kræfter, to the changing music in Kristendrab. This album consists of 5 tracks, each a gem in its own right, and lasts a total of 22 minutes, which if I may add, are very entertaining.

The production for this demo is exceptionally good, as compared to the demos of older BM bands. Maybe it’s the technical advances, or maybe it’s the dawn of common sense not to record an album in a public toilet. I love the track Kristendrab, others may have other views, but since there are only 5 tracks check them all out.

From the first track to the last, this musical creation reeks of awesomeness yet to come from the man that is Ynleborgaz.