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Pure guttural decimation - 90%

MrVJ, June 27th, 2012

In 2008 Animals Killing People released one of the most brutal albums I had ever heard: “Kentucky Fried Killing“. That album was so barbaric and murderous that it has been a constant staple in my listening sessions since the day I got it (how can you not want to commit indiscriminate murder whilst listening to ‘Cruelty Free Interlude’ or ‘Bear Cut Open, Full Of People’?). I had heard the name Andromorphus Rexalia before, but I never got around to listening to them. After finding out they shared members with Animals Killing People, this split album between the two was something I very much wanted. If you take a look at that cover art you can pretty much assume which parts represents the two bands. What I am wondering is if Andromorphus Rexalia‘s material can hold a candle to the brutality that Animals Killing People is known for?

As it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of quality between both bands. The reason I say this is because it the same core group from Animals Killing People are in Andromorphus Rexalia! In what universe would that be a bad thing? Animals Killing People start out the split with four songs, and each one is as devastating as the last. The thick and monstrous riffs contrast so well with the spastic drumming of Wilson Rairan, so I am absolutely not disappointed in the slightest. Andromorphus Rexalia is essentially the same, but their schtick revolves around aliens, science fiction, physics, and conspiracy theories, so in a way they are a less-controlled Wormed, and I am so happy with the results.

There are small differences between both bands, but you need to be paying very close attention. Animals Killing People goes straight for the jugular, not waiting one second to give you concussive brutal death metal. Andromorphus Rexalia does the exact same thing, but there seems to be a little more technical riffing on their end of the spectrum. Both bands have different vocalists using both natural and pitch-shifted vocals, and those effects are used in their own unique ways.

Despite there being an extreme overlap in material between the two bands, that does not mean there is a lack of good material. All eight songs are as strong as the last, and as long as you are looking for unrelenting and guttural brutality, then you will be very happy with this split.

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