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Refreshing - 81%

Roufus, April 16th, 2007

This first album from Andromeda gets a lot of flack. They had quite a lot going against them. One most notable and talked about thing was that they had to find a session vocalist without enough time to really teach him the songs. So even the band found this album sub-par due to circumstances. The album, so they say, suffers because of Lawrence Mackrory’s vocals.

I disagree. I find his monotone portrayal of the songs emotionally engaging. In my eyes this album stood out from the plethora of prog-outings at the time because of this. It was refreshing. When I heard that they were going to rerecord the album with Fremberg, I was actually kind of insulted. How can they take a masterpiece like that, complete with the one element that made them stand above the pack, and rework it?

Then again I don’t like it when they rerecord vocals on any album because of a singer. I still own the original Crowned In Terror (The Crown.) It seems like a slap in the face to the singer in the original.

But I digress. Getting back to Andromeda. Typically prog of this type isn’t my thing, but this album served as a gateway of sorts for the gems that lay within the genre as a whole. Reinholdz guitar work here left a memorable impression on me, especially on the last two songs. The keyboarding of Martin Hedin is up front but appropriate, never taking the limelight when they shouldn’t. The whole album is mixed rather well for a ‘rushed job.’

Though the shining element in this album, for me anyway, is the haunting vocals of Mackrory. The second album with the more traditional prog vocals didn’t really captivate me the same way as this one did. But to each his own I guess. This album deserves more attention that it gets.