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Great debut - 93%

Paradox, July 15th, 2003

What originally led me to this band was their name and their album cover. I saw it on one of those lists on or CDNow. I'm a geek for celestial images and such things so I was intrigued so I checked them out. I was blown away. To me, Andromeda is the epitome of the prog. metal sound.

This album incorporates excellent technical ability from all the musicians and molds the sound in such a way that makes it interesting and uniquely theirs while not getting repetitive. The vocalist's unique, often warped-sounding voice greatly adds to this uniqueness, but sadly he was only stepped in for the recording sessions because the band could not find a permanent vocalist. The lyrics are typical of a prog band. They're not outstanding, but they aren't bad and the rhythm of the vocals enhances them and makes them better in fact that they are simple sitting there on the page. There are quite a few catchy choruses.

Every single song on this album is solid and I love each one.