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Incredible - 98%

Laserhawk, November 4th, 2003

For a prog debut album from Andromeda, these guys sure as hell blow bands like Dream Theater out of the water.

The song structure's here are actually interesting with not one of the songs being boring or overly repetitive. The rising guitar hero Johan Reinholdz shows lots of promise here with amazing but not overly masturbatory, and also shows a pretty good riffing style. Drummer Thomas Lejon is amazing on this album. He shows great control and restraint behind the set, knowing when to let loose and when to hold back. Lejon can play both blazing drum fills, but can also create interesting drum rhythm's, all while sliding in and out of time changes. The keyboards are at least as on par with Dream Theater. I can't really judge how good the bass is, but i can say that it provides a solid groudning along with the fantastic drumming. Temporary vocalist Lawrence Mackrory(Ex-Darkane) shows how good is clean singing voice here. He shows emotive vocals, but never resorts to wailing like other prog vocalists. It's really a shame that he wasn't the permanent vocalist.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this album to prog fans.

Album Highlights - In The Deepest Waters, Crescendo of Thoughts