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Excellent First Album - 95%

In_Mist_I_Stand, February 11th, 2008

When I first was recommended Extension of the Wish, I was absolutely floored by the overwhelming guitar work. Johan Reinholdz is incredible, from the first riff to "The Words Unspoken" until the very last track. At the age of 20 years, he had written all the music and lyrics - guitar, bass, keyboard, drums - for Extension of the Wish, an amazing feat. Despite a vocalist setback, the rest of the band comes together nicely. Lawrence Mckrory from Darkane sings cleanly through the album, nothing too fancy, and the drums by Thomas Lejon tie everything together with no flaws.

Still, in light of everything else, I'd have to say Reinholdz's guitar work is the main reason I enjoy this album so much. He busts out insane solos, like "In the Deepest of Waters" but nothing seems overly forced or self-serving, as Dream Theater tends to do. His mixture of restraint and technique carries this album beautifully.

I'd recommend this for any fan of the noble instrument known as the electric guitar, as well as any metalhead or prog fan. Everything is well-balanced, with all the parts of the band coming together and complementing each other. One of the best albums I own.