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A smashing debut. - 100%

Demented666, July 18th, 2002

Andromeda's Extension of the Wish- clearly one of the better progressive Metal albums to be released in 2001, a disc which simply screams excellent musicianship and the highest quality. featuring some of the more technical and brilliant guitar work in Metal today, blazing melodic and technical solos which show a good balance of skill and outright emotion. The vocals by ex Darkane member Lawrence Mckrory show a lot of emotion and blend perfectly with the tracks while thought to be the weak spot in the band by any it gives Andromeda a unique sound. (although they have recently released the album with a more generic power Metal type vocalist which knocks down the quality a peg or two) Another perceived downfall of the record is the amount of songs featuring only seven tracks one may feel short shrifted or cheated because one yearns for more of the quality material, but actually the small amount of tracks adds to the overall tightness and ever consistant nature of the album. With such a smashing debut one can only wonder what will this Swede outfit achieve in future releases or if they will in fact ever surpass the high quality on this one. This is a recommended album to not only Prog Metal fans, but Metalheads in genertal should own this one.