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Atmospheric Blackthrash - 78%

Necrosadistic, May 10th, 2005

Starting off with a typically "evil" and epic intro, with some haunting female vocals, the album segues into "Al Shaitan Mahrid" , puts the pedal to the metal, and does not let off until the last chord of "Bells Of Damnation"

Unlike other so called "melodic black metal" bands, Ancient Ceremony are extremely vicious in their delivery and do not have a tendency to go into lenghthy atmospheric and washed out mid paced parts. A solid thrashing core permeates throughout their music, and goes straight for the kill.

While a comparison could be made to later Cradle of Filth, Ancient Ceremony play their music with far more conviction and viciousness, and manage to sound genuine in their hatred against organized religion. The slightly loose delivery also adds to this - even though the album is well produced and recorded, it sounds rough and unpolished, especially the hoarse and vicious vocals. The vocals are actually way too high in the mix, which may turn off some listeners, as well as the overwhelming keyboards in some parts.

A solid album, which would need slightly better songwriting to become truly great.