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Nothing particularly outstanding. - 52%

GrimAndFrostbitten, September 23rd, 2003

Half of The Cainan Chronicle is a concept album based on an interesting story drawing from Christian mythology on what happened to Cain -- he wanders Nod, is comforted by Lilith (sexy Kim Goss), boldly rejects God's grace, becomes a vampire, and then I think kills his own daughter/wife(!) Zillah. The second half of the album draws from and pays tribute to pagan mythological themes.

Musically, it's rather bland black metal with decent production. Many of the riffs are very roughly Venom/Bathory/Hellhammer influenced, but twisted to be seemingly less ugly and evil, but nevertheless includes some elements of poorly executed droning and decent tremolo. The solos and leads aren't half bad, but certainly aren't anything special. The drumming is repetitive and bland, and does not stand out. The vocals consist mostly of Kaiaphas' raspy screeching, but Kim Goss shows up in the first halfway decent singing, and sometimes does what sounds like her putting on a deep voice and trying to sound like a man! Keyboards are used in the album, but in more of an ambient and tasteful capacity.

The only song that's particularly memorable is Lilith's Embrace. The video, if you can find it floating around, is terribly hilarious and must be seen! Kaiaphas looks like (mid-90s) Marilyn Manson half the time, between a skinny, shirtless, pale dude with long black hair and some blue face with vampire fangs, and he drinks blood from Kim Goss' wrist as Ancient rokks out in front of a bunch of fires.

When put together, most of the album is musically tiring, boring, and often sounds the same, and is black metal that you really can go through life without hearing and die sated, but fails to be awful and has its moments. Overall, it's rather mediocre, with the only notable thing about it being the 1998 murder in Finland being tied to it. However, I have no clue why those three Finns who murdered/butchered/necrophiled/cannibalized that man chose this album to do it to, there's nothing that special or particularly inspired about it.