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3 years, and it was worth the wait! - 90%

SoulSeekJay, July 20th, 2004

It has taken some time but finally, Ancient offer their latest effort "Night Visit" and believe me it was really worth the wait, from the very start they offer us a blistering black metal record that ranges from evil dark melodies to high class speed destruction.

There are so many special things about this record, but first thing that comes to mind is that every member of this band plays his instrument perfectly. Vocalist and guitarist Aphazel just destroys us with every one of his riffs and his voice ranges from low screams to hellish shouts.

The second guitar player named, get this "Jesus Christ" fills in for the rest of these hellish riff attacks. The drummer Grom is a blessing for the band, I would strongly consider him one of the best black metal drummers today, this man is simply put, a machine! Last but not least we have Dhilorz to complete the rhythm section. Cute names guys...hehehe but thats a detail.

Onto the music, the opener "Envision Of The Beast" begins the destruction with traditional blistering black metal but they soon add a lot of harmonic leads and they also break it down sometimes with harmonic female vocals. Nice touch. What I really like about their new album is the big variety in songs and that they are influenced by a lot more than just black metal.

The second song "Rape The Children Of Abel" opens with pure thrashing metal and then they continue with another black metal attack. I can't get enough of this album and that's not often the case when it comes to black metal records, and its just the begining.

The third track "Horroble" starts off with fast hard rocking riffs and then they continue on with fast grooving rhythms. With the title-track "Night Visit" they return to more black metall sounds with an apocalyptic touch and a lot of harmonic elements and they even throw in a few grooving parts into the song.

I could tell you something special about every song, "Lycanthrophy" is a black/death mixture with a few thrashing moments and Aphazel is shouting in a rough throaty way. I would maybe even dare to call Ancient "progressive black metal" because what they do is just amazing and in a class of its own, they combine evil black metal with tons of melody. They no longer sound like copycats, and have definately come into their own with this excellent release!