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This is one bad album. - 1%

TheShadowfiend, June 16th, 2003

I've heard a lot of bad albums over the years, and this one ranks up there near the top. This album is so horrible I don't even know why it was released. Metal Blade ought to be ashamed of themselves here.

Nothing on this album sticks out in the slightest. The only thing that sticks out on this release is the pile of cheese these songs contain. Lord kaiaphas is the main culprit here pretty much. Not only does his vocals reek of weakness, but his drumming is really bad. How in the world did he get away with doing the drums on this album? I bet you a 2 year old could drum better than this. His vocals possess that Dani Filth-wanna be style that comes off as a comedy than anything serious.

Aphazel's guitar playing is an absolute travesty. Does he have any pride in himself? The riffs are so weak, but with a lame production, I didn't expect anything mind blowing to come through on the guitars. The stupidly named, Jesus Christ!, and yes the exclamation point is supposed to be there, offers up, worn and tired keyboards that are so typical of gothic-black metal. Erichte's vocals start out fine but after awhile they just get on your nerves so much you'll want to jump out the window.

No song is memorable in the slightest. They also had the nerve to cover the Mercyful Fate classic, "Black Funeral", and butcher it in the process. With song titles like "Vampirize Natasha", "Hecate, My Love And Lust", and "Her Northern Majesty", you no doubt know what kind of lamness you are getting yourself into.

This album and band is a complete disgrace to black metal. How this band got a following is beyond me. If you have any self respect, you won't buy this album at all. But, if you do, you have been warned.