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It's really not that bad - 70%

Nokturrnus, August 22nd, 2011

I have read several reviews on this album and most of them were negative. I know this album may not be, what a true black metal fan expects, but in my opinion (and I know that most of you will disagree) it's not that bad.

Kaiaphas is great black metal vocalist. His voice ranges from growls (some moments on Sleeping Princess of the Arges) through shrieks (Um Sonho Psycodelico) to insane screams. I can't really tell, if he can sing, as this album has very few song with melodic vocals. Coming to second vocalist: Erichte mostly shouts on this album. She can also scream (The Draining), but her singing in Sleeping Princess of the Arges lacks some passion. Nevertheless she accompanies Kaiaphas very well.

Kaiaphas also performs drums on this album. I think he did a fair job, but the sound of certain drums (especially snare) is a bit weak. It also leads to snare being almost inaudible in certain fast parts. Remaining instruments are split between Aphazel and Jesus Christ!. Most of the songs have a decent overall composition - they are not too simple but also not anything which would make you fall asleep during the middle of performance. The riffs are mostly based on heavy metal. This album also features heavy use of keyboards. They mostly serve to set the dark atmosphere. Finally the guitar solos. Both Aphazel and Jesus Christ! show that they are guitar masters as all guitar solos are of brilliant composition. Too bad, that Jesus Christ! didn't perform more of it. He only plays solo on Sleeping Princess of the Arges and I also guess (but I may be wrong in this) he plays the solo in Black Funeral (I think so because of the sound - Aphazel's guitar has more reverb on it).

There are also some annoying moments on this record. I can't see a point with random laughters (especially in the first three songs). No matter how much Ancient are not a typical black metal band, "Oh yeah!" (song The Emerald Tablet) does NOT fit this music at all. And they could really remove the song 5. It is basically a continuation of the song Exu (from their previous album The Cainian Chronicle), only much worse.

If you want some album with horrible sound and lyrics only about Satan, this album is definitely not what you're looking for. But if you are an openminded metalhead then you can enjoy it. Sadly, this is their last good album.