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I Dig It. - 84%

WinterBliss, May 29th, 2009

Ancestors, the enigmatic one man black metal band of Mark McCoy (of Charles Bronson fame;the power violence band...not the actor), comes out swinging his neanderthal club with this impressive debut. Enigmatic is an understatement, information of this band is extremely hard to come by, and there seems to be a great deal on confusion between this entity and the stoner doom band of the same name.

If you've ever listened to Bone Awl, or Ash Pool, you'll know what to expect. Crashing cymbals washout in a haze of static as the snare pounds away in a simple punk beat and the venomous, indiscriminate vocals rage against the buzz of the guitars. Albeit the Bone Awl comparison is warranted, but Ancestors goes a bit further with changes of rhythm, very distinguishable riff changes and a more warm production (you can actually hear the bass). The last track of the short ep hints at a more progressive (I use the word loosely, being that it simply isn't three chords played atop a raging punk drum beat) as Mark McCoy stumbles along in a harrowing slow paced style that highlights the humming bass notes and even some lead guitar work.

This is raw and sleazy black metal, with a strong punk influence. Genuinely defying and hard to understand, Ancestors follows the same archaic and simplistic style that Bone Awl has picked up after the likes of Ildjarn and co.
A simple, and completely emotional release of raw aggression and unkempt frenzy. Vocals tear through the mix in an unsettling and deranged way, espousing whatever caustic message Mr. McCoy has for anyone who's willing to listen to this cacophonous explosion of punk infused black metal.

Already a hot item for collectors, seek it out for yourself before it goes extinct.