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What a glorious split - 90%

dismember_marcin, June 20th, 2019

This piece of (pink!) wax was unleashed by Me Saco un Ojo Records already a year ago, so it’s nothing new. But only just now I have some time to write few words about it - and it's one of those releases, which I can say are a must to have, absolutely. It's a split 10" vinyl with Undergang and Anatomia - so, two among the most respected and best death metal acts nowadays. Both bands never disappoint, always sound killer, so this split is an instant winner, I think. There are several versions of it - they differ with the artwork, colour of the vinyl, even with the titles: there's a version titled in Japanese and another one in Danish. So, there's plenty variations for you to pick one. I got the one, where the titles of the songs are "Forrådnelse" and "Graven som fængsel". And I'm absolutely pleased, as it's just a very good effort, both bands really delivered a crushing stuff here.

Neither Undergang or Anatomia will surprise you with anything new and their songs are exactly what you usually hear from them. Good! I don’t want them to change. There's one characteristic thing, which both bands share: fuckin massive, heavy, truly gloomy, filthy and crushing sound of death metal, with smaller or bigger hints of doom metal. Especially Anatomia loves to deliver an insanely vicious, slow paced sound of death metal. Their riffage is mercilessly crushing and bestial, almost inhuman, so dark, cavernous and torturous it is. In "Forrådnelse" (or “ディケイ”) they never speed up, never sound more vigorous, but from start to finish their music is like the last sound before annihilation. It's like a monstrous, horrid shape slowly crawling from the abyss, swallowing all your joy and life, spreading fear with stench of decay. Riffage is awesome, I also absolutely love the vocals of Tanaka and his brothers in arms. The atmosphere of the music, the sound of it are pure perfection in this style of death / doom. I cannot forget to mention the use of clean guitar tone in the middle part of the song and keyboard or something else (not sure what instrument that is) in the end. Brilliant stuff.

Undergang sounds even more brutal, violent, more obscure and disgusting. Vocals of David Torturdød are exactly like his name tells: like yells, screams like in pain from a tortured to death. Music is a more diverse thing, there's obviously a sloooooower (aarrgghhhhhh!!!) stuff, but Undergang fastens up a bit here and there, which is why their song is so brutal and destructive, more like a traditional pure old school death metal. "Graven som fængsel" is a real feast, even if it doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, but the passion and quality and atmosphere of this rotten death metal is enough to impress. Those, who like their death metal more technical, polished and maybe even melodic will loath it. But if you’re into the horror, gore, putrid old school death metal, then I am sure you already worship Undergang and I don’t have to recommend this band to you.

Verdict: 90/100